Comments vs spam 2: A recommendation from Josh

I have at least one reader, and he emailed me to say I should use Akismet, which I now am. Hopefully, that solves my (very minor) spam problem. The point being that comments are once again allowed here at Source-Filter. And so the masses breath a sigh of relief.

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3 Responses to Comments vs spam 2: A recommendation from Josh

  1. Jared says:

    Woohoo! It’s comment time!

  2. Diane aka Mom says:

    Great reading, amazing content!!! BTW, with regard to tracking locations from the NOLS trip, have you tried finding USGS topographic maps? As in, U.S. Geological Survey ( maps? With your first look at them they are interesting, but with closer inspection you find there is a lot more detailed information embedded in ‘topo’ maps than you might have initially realized. Just a thought. w/love, MA

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