Stone Mountain, GA, to Prescott, AZ

In 1994 or 1995, my brother and his girlfriend visited my mother in Atlanta*. They went to Stone Mountain and had a custom postcard made. They sent this postcard to me while I was living in Prescott, Arizona. Earlier this year, I scanned it. Today, I share it with you.

Say cheese.
Yes, I do.

* My mother is also my brother’s mother, but not my brother’s girlfriend’s mother, which is to say that my brother’s girlfriend is not also his, or my, sister. Ditto for my/our father, who did not go to Stone Mountain and does not appear on this postcard.

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2 Responses to Stone Mountain, GA, to Prescott, AZ

  1. Joshua Silbert says:

    Mane, stone mountn KICKS aise!

    And so does skynyrd!

  2. Dianemomnana says:

    gollygee folks, i dun raised up some plenty smart fine upstandin’ boys. i’m so proud of all of y’all.

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