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Old news about IQ

It’s rather old news now, but last year Hampshire et al. published a paper called “Fractionating Human Intelligence” [pdf] in which they argue that there isn’t a single scale along which people’s intelligence varies – i.e., there’s no g. This claim is … Continue reading

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Obama’s nerd street cred

A couple days ago, Obama made reference to a “Jedi mind meld,” and, not surprisingly, the internet kind of blew up. Look, for example, for the #ObamaSciFiQuotes hashtag on Twitter. This is not surprising because, while Jedi mind tricks are … Continue reading

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Bayesian false alarm rates and power

I’m at a loss to understand why it should be problematic to calculate false alarm rates with a Bayesian statistical model while it is acceptable to calculate statistical power with that same model. In null-hypothesis significance testing (NHST), the false … Continue reading

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