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Quotation of a day

Following (i.e., stealing the idea from) Don Boudreaux, who posts interesting and thought provoking “quotations of the day” (e.g., today’s post on evolution), here’s an amusing bit from page 72 of¬†Hamming’s Digital Filters: The relationship of formal mathematics to the … Continue reading

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More than who in the what now?

Kirk Goldsberry explains an interesting new basketball shooting statistic he and a colleague have developed today. I’ll be discussing two strange statements that Mr. Goldsberry made. One is strange for logical reasons, and the other is strange for syntactic reasons. … Continue reading

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Picking some more nits

Geoffrey Pullum has an interesting recent essay on the difficulties of pinning down exactly how old the cognitive revolution is.¬†Naturally, I won’t be focusing directly on this topic. Rather, I’d like to take this opportunity to bemoan the fact that … Continue reading

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