The name of my blog comes from the acoustic theory of speech production, in which a source (e.g., oscillating vocal folds, an oral constriction) is transformed by a filter (e.g., the vocal tract cavities ‘downstream’ from the source). It occurred to me a while back that ‘Source-Filter’ would be a good name for a blog wherein various sources of information (e.g., my trips to Wyoming or Chile, the cognitive and statistical models I work with) are filtered through my thought process and worldview.

The subtitle – “Statistics, Models, Language, Cognition, and Assorted Whatnots” – is an attempt to briefly describe my interests. The items in this list are not ordered according to importance or relevance. I wanted the phrase ‘assorted whatnots’ in there, but it doesn’t work to have that come first, so I put things in reverse alphabetical order.

Here are links to a page about my research (as well as sub-pages on acoustics, experiments, and statistics), a page about my approach to teaching, and my curriculum vitae. You can also go to all these pages using the links in the bar near the top of each page.

Oh, and my name is Noah Haskell Silbert.

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