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Truly random

In today’s new What If?, Randall Munroe discusses, in part, randomly aiming a laser at the sky, writing “if you aimed in a truly random direction, you would have an almost 50% chance of hitting the Earth.” This is one of those cases … Continue reading

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More than who in the what now?

Kirk Goldsberry explains an interesting new basketball shooting statistic he and a colleague have developed today. I’ll be discussing two strange statements that Mr. Goldsberry made. One is strange for logical reasons, and the other is strange for syntactic reasons. … Continue reading

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The Joy of Peer Review

If you’ve submitted academic papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals, you’ve very likely received a frustrating review or three. It’s all too easy to feel anger and frustration at the apparent sloppiness or boneheadedness of a reviewer. But if a … Continue reading

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