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Closing meta-arguments

I don’t blog much, but something about the reaction to the first Bret Stephens NYT column got under my skin enough to write two posts about it (1,2). I woke up this morning thinking about why. At first glance, this all … Continue reading

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A probably reasonable reaction

I stand by my argument that calling Bret Stephens a “denier” is asinine. I had never heard of Bret Stephens before reading the Slate piece at issue in that post. I am not defending Bret Stephens’ record in general. But … Continue reading

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An empty epithet

This essay on Slate is astonishing. Perhaps it’s naïve of me to be astonished, but there you go. I am astonished. The very short version: Susan Matthews, Slate’s Science Editor, writes that the NY Times’ new columnist Bret Stephens’ first columns is … Continue reading

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Python > R > Matlab

Contrary to what the title may seem to imply, I’m not making any grand proclamations here. Rather, inspired by a discussion with a friend and co-author on Facebook this morning, I’m going to note one fairly common data analysis case … Continue reading

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On the price of pizza

I’ve got lots of interesting things to blog about. I’ve been running some interesting perceptual experiments, I’m working on adapting and extending some data analysis methods, I’ve been teaching a class on statistical signal processing, and I’ve read a number of essays … Continue reading

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A frustrating discussion

I’m not totally sure what my opinion of Data Colada is. It’s an odd mix of thought-provoking and frustrating. The most recent example is yesterday’s post (by Uri Simonsohn) on the prejudice of (one particular type of) Bayesian t-test. Directly … Continue reading

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A critical assessment of GRT wIND

I’ve blogged about GRT (General Recognition Theory) at least a few times before (e.g., here, here, here). The third of those links goes to an introductory GRT post (#1 of an unknown number of planned posts). Here’s the super-abbreviated version: GRT … Continue reading

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Vox lies with statistics

Okay, maybe lies is too strong a word, but Vox‘s German Lopez sure does a good job illustrating numerical dishonesty in this piece on marijuana use in Colorado and Washington since recreational legalization. The headline is “Marijuana use rises in states with legalization,” and … Continue reading

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