Topics Fall 2017

Topics is a journal club class in which we read and discuss articles on a particular topic. The topic for Fall 2017 is the replication crisis in behavioral and social sciences.

Week 0: Lecture slides on statistical hypothesis testing, statistical decision theory, and Bayes’ rule

Week 1: Simmons et al (2011) False-Positive Psychology: Undisclosed Flexibility in Data Collection and Analysis Allows Presenting Anything as Significant

Week 2: Fanelli (2012) Negative results are disappearing from most disciplines and countries

Week 3: Ferguson & Heene (2012) A Vast Graveyard of Undead Theories: Publication Bias and Psychological Science’s Aversion to the NullFanelli et al. (2017) Meta-assessment of bias in science

Week 4: Colquhoun (2014) An investigation of the false discovery rate and the misinterpretation of p-values

Week 5: Francis (2012) The Psychology of Replication and Replication in Psychology

Week 6: Stanley & Spence (2014) Expectations for Replications: Are Yours Realistic?

Week 7: Klein (2014) What can recent replication failures tell us about the theoretical commitments of psychology?

Week 8: Earp & Tramifow (2015) Replication, falsification, and the crisis of confidence in social psychology

Week 9: Rotello et al (2015) When more data steer us wrong: replications with the wrong dependent measure perpetuate erroneous conclusions

Week 10: Open Science Collaboration (2015) Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science

Week 11: McShane & Gal (2016) Blinding Us to the Obvious? The Effect of Statistical Training on the Evaluation of Evidence

Week 12: Smaldino & McElreath (2016) The natural selection of bad science

Week 13: Weissgerber et al (2015) Beyond Bar and Line Graphs: Time for a New Data Presentation Paradigm

Week 14: Leek & Jager (2016) Is Most Published Research Really False?